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Games on the XO Laptop

This page will list the gaming possibilities of the XO Laptop with their usability.

All these tests have been made under DebXO 0.4 (except native OLPC games)

Native OLPC games : 

Doom : : Runs very nicely in full screen

Sim City (Micropolis):

Native Linux Games :

Lincity-ng : Not tested

Quake : Not tested but the game has been reported to work quite well.

System requirements : 66 Mhz processor, 8 MB RAM, 1MB Graphics card

Quake 2 : Not tested yet, system requiremens : 90 MHz processor, 16 MB

Quake 3 : Both ioquake3 and the original quake 3 run with adding the option "+set r_allowSoftwareGL 1"
ioquake3 has sound if libopenal.0 is installed and the game is run as root
original quake3 has sound with aoss.
Game is unplayable, it runs at about 0.5 frames per second, even when set in a small window.

Original system requirements :Pentium II 233 Mhz, 64 MB

Unreal Tournament :The game runs, sound is available with aoss, although a bit buggy
Framerate is acceptable when the window is set to 400x300 (30 fps)
CaptureMouse option makes the game crash, which makes it unplayable with a mouse
Joystick works but the axis are not convenient.
The game should be playable with some tweaking or when switching resolutions will be possible.

Original requirements  : Pentium 200 MHz, 64 MB

Sim city 3000 : Requirements : Pentium 233 MHz , 32MB RAM

Emulation : 

Game boy  (sdlgnuboy) : Works perfectly , you need to scale display 6 times to have almost full screen

Sega genesis (dgen) : Works perfectly, you need to scale display 3 times

NES : depending on emulators : no sound or display too small

Amiga (e-uae) : With a bit of tweeking you can get acceptable performance, display is small

Super Nintendo (zsnes) : runs in a 512x448 window, framerate is good, there is no sound, even with aoss

Super Nintendo (snes9x-x) : Sound is quite good when run with aoss (no sound without).
-sc option permits to stretch the window but making it too big crashes the program (no fullscreen)
framerate is enough to be playable
joystick can be activated with -joydev1 /dev/input/js0

Arcade (xmame-sdl) : xmame runs very slowly, window isn't even stretched (Tested with Magical Drop 3)

LucasArt games (scummvm) :Works very nicely with sound and almost full screen when using video filter AdvMame 3x

Joystick support : 

This is about the real stuff, not the tiny joypad next to the screen.OLPC's Fedora and Ubuntu have no joystick support, although DebXO has full support for USB joystick.

Although on Fedora, it is possible to cat joystick events from /dev/input/, maybe a ln to /dev/input/js0 will do the trick ?

Small resolution and fullscreen support : 

Most of the games don't support switching to 1200x900, and on any other resolution the screen will be garbage. This is what it looks like when running in a lower resolution 


Here is a discussion about the resolution problem on the XO :